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Learning and Enrichment Activities that build Positive relationships and Self-esteem

Summer 2022 Brochures

Berkshire Elementary School

Enosburg Elementary School

Enosburg Middle & High School

Montgomery Elementary School

Richford Elementary School

Richford Junior Senior High School

Sheldon Elementary School

About Us

Elementary-age youth gather around an outdoor bench with tall stack of heavy books, showing off the stack and examing its base.

We offer programs for students K-12th Grade. LEAPS offers summer programming at Berkshire and Enosburg Elementary Schools and Enosburg Middle/High School. Youth can be registered at any of the sites as long as they are attending that site’s school.

“There are so many opportunities that come with the ASP [After School Program]. Having ASP lets parents not have to leave work early and earn less income. The program is a fun opportunity for all, and if there was a cost there would be less money for the economy.”

Student Participant

LEAPS Afterschool Programs are held at eight locations in the Franklin Northeast Supervisory Union. The locations include Bakersfield, Berkshire, Enosburg, Montgomery, Richford, and Sheldon Elementary Schools as well as Enosburg Middle & High School and Richford Junior Senior High.

“I believe that the afterschool program is important. Sometimes kids just need to do something fun after school so they can forget about doing homework and do something you like for a little while.”

Student Participant
A youth works with a horse backing away on a lead line, demonstrating the learned social/emotional skills necessary to handle a large animal.

LEAPS Program Goals

All LEAPS Classes are designed to meet at least one of the following goals:

Program Performance:

Provide programs in safe, productive, and engaging out-of-school time.

Academic Achievement:

Program participants will improve academic achievement in mathematics and language arts.

Health, Fitness, and Wellness:

Regular attendees will have daily opportunities for healthy snack and academic, wellness, and enrichment activities.

Social/Emotional Development:

Program participants will show an increase in social/emotional development.

21st Century Community Learning Center Grant AWARD Community Notice

I am excited to announce that FNESU has been awarded the 21st Century Community Learning Center grant to help fund our before school, after school, and summer programs. Sheldon Elementary School is included as a new member of our Supervisory Union. Also new this grant cycle are additional summer programs at Montgomery and Richford Elementary sites. Richford students are invited to join programming at the Richford NOTCH Summer Camp from 8 AM- 12 PM. Montgomery students are invited to join the Montgomery Recreation Summer Program, also from 8 AM-12 PM. Both the Montgomery Recreation and LEAPS summer programs will be held at the Montgomery Recreation Center.

Thank you to everyone for your support and dedication in making the LEAPS programs as strong and successful as they are. LEAPS will continue to provide a setting for youth to explore their interests, learn, share their passions, and develop/strengthen relationships with peers and adults.


Donations for LEAPS programs are always welcome. We hope to add a PayPal button for online donations in the fall. In the meantime, checks can be mailed to Heather Moore at 80 Main Street, Richford, VT 05476.

Organizations or businesses interested in collaborating or working with LEAPS programs should contact Heather Moore at

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Heather Moore, Project Director
802-848-7661 ext. 15

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Sheldon Elementary School LEAPS

After school fun for K-8th Grade

Richford Elementary School LEAPS

After school activities for K-5th Grade in Richford, VT

Montgomery LEAPS

Morning & Afterschool Fun for K-8

Enosburg Falls Middle & High School LEAPS

After school and summer programs for 5th-12th graders

Enosburg Elementary School LEAPS

After school and third space activities for elementary school youth

Richford Junior Senior High School LEAPS

Upper level after school activities in Richford, VT

Bakersfield Elementary School LEAPS

After school activities for youth K-8

Enosburg Youth Center

Collecting youth suggestions and listing activities and hours for the Enosburg Youth Center in Enosburg Falls, Vermont


LEAPS Afterschool and Third Space Programs